Organized & productive bundle

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Want to shift your organization and productivity to a higher level?
Then this package is the ideal solution for you!
It contains 4 templates that will help you organize in different areas.

Don't let existing content to be forgotten - 2021

Don’t let existing content to be forgotten – 2021

Do you ever come up with really good content, in-depth, useful… and then share it with the public only once (post on social media or e-mail, blog)?
However, because you either simply don’t remember posting it again on Facebook or LinkedIn, or it’s too complicated to keep track of when something was posted… this content goes into “forget it” land.

If this sounds familiar this calendar will definitely help you! 🙌

It is also easy to use, all you need to do is when you create new content, simply add it to the list, which is then automatically added to the calendar.

Finances under control

Finances under control

What if you get your finances in order this year?!

And in a pretty easy way?

With this template, you can track all income and expenses, and of course the goals you set for your financial field.

Statistics for your business

Google template: Statistics for your business

This template helps you to keep track of social metrics and see what works and what doesn’t.

Editorial calendar for social media 2021

Editorial calendar for social media 2021

This calendar helps you to easily plan posts for your social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook). You can plan:
– text (CTA – Call To Action)
– add an image
– select a category (which you define)
– mark when the post is prepared/published