Finances under control

Finances under control


What if you get your finances in order this year?!

And in a pretty easy way?

With this template, you can track all income and expenses, and of course the goals you set for your financial field.

What do you get?

You get a Google template (Sheet) with tabs that will help you monitor your financial situation.

Finances under control

The “Overview” tab serves as a general overview of your financial situation. Here you will find the tables:

Financial overview
In this table you will find the current situation according to your goals and the current situation. The table is updated automatically, the green boxes are in line with your goal, and the red ones are in line with the fact that your financial goals are not being met. 🙈

In the table “Financial goals” you write your goals – gray colored fields. 

Write down goals for your income. In this table, then check what percentage you want to spend on each category:
🏠 FIXED COSTS – these are all the monthly costs you have each month (eg rent, accommodation, transport…)
💆‍♀️ GUILT-FREE – this is money to be spent on pampering yourself (eg manicures, clothes, dinners, cinema …)  guilt-free money
💰 SAVINGS – this is the money you spend on savings (long-term or short-term).
💵 INVESTMENTS – this is the money you spend on investments.

If necessary, you can adjust the percentages (above categories, gray boxes).

Table “Reality”
Here you can track your current balance, which is calculated from the Earnings and Expenses tabs.

Finances under control

The “Earnings” tab will be used to track all financial inflows. Whether it’s a salary or a gift or maybe even a poker win.

Finances under control

The “Expenses” tab is for all your expenses. Each column is dedicated to its own category (categories are written above).